This blog is mostly aimed at a source of criticism and fact checking for the blog 'real science' run by someone who goes by the name Steven Goddard. It is intended that material presented here is informative, neutral, impersonal and well sourced such that any of my claims can be checked and criticized in their own right if necessary.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Real Real Science. Checking facts and sources and stuff....

Real Real Science
Since a few people have requested I make this into a blog. Here it is. No promises though, I may or may not update this on a regular basis, and it will be subject to how much time I have. Ill find some time to copy a few of my better TWO posts to here though. Comments are enabled without moderation, even as anon, and I will be using the same moderation techniques I use on my YT channel; i.e virtually non-existent. I do not have the time or inclination to filter, delete, or moderate anything in anyway. Also I don't like censoring anything anyway. We'll see how this turns out... Stay tuned.