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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

You misunderstood the animation Steven.

Firstly sea ice is no where near 1971 levels; I covered that here: (

And the whole point of this GIF animation:


Is to illustrate the differences between trends and natural variability. Also considering this animation was made last year and the minimum of 2013 hasn't even occurred yet (let alone the whole of september) it should be of no surprise to anyone that the 2013 point is absent. As for the 1979 point being truncated? I don't know, but if this is your case against the point of this graphic; it is a pretty weak one. Add 1979 to this graph if you like, NSDIC has it slightly above 1980, it really is going to make very little difference to the animation, and it makes no difference at all to the point. A point which you keep missing, attested by the continued fixation of 2013 being above 2012 i.e regression to the mean.

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